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S. Noor Ali Jafri

DevOps Engineer


About Me

Hello, I am S. Noor Ali Jafri, DevOps Engineer at Cloudways. I am currently learning the art of creating crazy Web APIs with Python and PHP. I also love working with Ansible to orchestrate & automate cloud servers. I have also woked with Raspberry Pi and Arduino to make gadgets for myself. A DIY drone enthusiast and a passionate engineer.

I am a curious programmer and love digging head into any crazy science and music. I spend most of my time connecting dots, innovating and doodling little machines in my diary. You can find me with my gaming console whenever I am not contemplating.

Connect with me on social media to learn more about me and about my skill set. Let's build a better world by helping each other.


Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

A flying drone which learns to stablize itself and capable to produce stable live video streams of low resolutions and lower fpms via Xbee

Featured in The News

Honda Drive In Automation System

To maximize the service output in a day, developed a complete mechanism and web application for 100 users in Honda DriveIn Karachi. Now DriveIn can serve 40% more customers after the automation.

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Emergency Response Application

Brings hospitals and ambulances together on a single platform to deal with the emergency rapidly.

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Work Experience

Co-Founder - CycleYaari (2015 - Present)

It's a campus venture, which will enable the students of my university to manuever in the campus with ease. :)

DevOps Engineer - Cloudways (2015 - Present)

I work with Web APIs using Flask and Laravel, cloud automation, orchestration and management using Ansible. I am also responsible for regular QA of the whole platform and the management of Cloudways' developer portal. Beside that I write technical articles for the Cloudways community.

Vice President NED's Entrepreneurship Society (2013 - 2014)

Worked to promote entrepreneurial activities at university campus and encourage the budding engineers to come forward with their own ventures.