Hello adventurer, I am Noor. Welcome to the town of Nooremburg. I have been guarding this page for you. Please have a look and let me know if you find those nasty bugs.

About Me

O' adventurer, not all who wander are lost. Welcome to my town. I am a curious spirit of Nooremberg. I am a discoverer like you and always willing to learn. At this moment in time, I am learning how to exploit Event-Driven Architectures for highly available and scalable solutions to fight the downtime monsters. If you are on a journey to build your own resilient solutions, potions or weapons. I would love to accompany you. I can offer you ancient knowledge of Cloud Computing, the dark arts of DevOps, the secrets of IoT and the magic of Full-stack development. I can be of great help. Don’t be shy to contact me. We shall slay the down-time dragon together.

Work Experience

Paessler AG - Cloud Engineer

March 2018 - Present

AWS NodeJS VueJS Serverless Python

I accompanied with seven other wizards was in the journey for the last three years to create a Cloud Native IoT Monitoring Platform. We did everything from the scratch. Reading the elder scrolls, dark magic and dark arts on how to build a robust and scalable solution. You can find more about it on my LinkedIn.

Cloudways - Associate Cloud Engineer

December 2015 - March 2017

Ansible Docker AWS GCE Django

Cloudways is the place where I entered unaware of the dark dark world of Linux, cloud, containers and APIs. Here I earned lots of XPs from the best wizards in town. The DevOps team of which I was part of, created a managed hosted platform. Although I joined them pretty late in the journey but I had fun and time full of gaining more and more XPs.


Fulda University of Applied Science (M.Sc.)

April 2017 - April 2019


My first interaction with people living in far away lands. Here I learned secrets of this magically advanced civilization. How they interact with machines and metals that are changing the world for over 200 years. I trained myself to work with complex system designs and how they can be scaled on demand. 100XP Earned.

NED University of Eng. & Tech. (B.Eng.)

January 2012 - January 2016

IoT Cloud Web

A 100 year old schools. Producing hard working scientists and ingeeners ever since it began its operation. Traversing through a challenging curriculum, I earned +10XP for every subject passed. 20% of them I don't remember. -700XP Lost.